Quick, EASY, Superhero cape...

My 4 year old is SUPER HERO obsessed!  Not sure whether I should "blame" the Avengers, my hubby or just the fact that he is male.  There is something super cool and super powerful about a superhero.  My lil' guy is pretty sure a superhero can fix anything!  The other day, he asked me for a cape....I started thinking and came up with a trashbag cape!  Super easy, cheap and already had the stuff...done!

**Of course with any cape, make sure your child is supervised so they dont choke/eat/strangle, etc.**  Thanks!

Ok, so I grabbed a black trash bag out of the garage and cut through the top seam (where the yellow inner ribbon is, so where the bag ties shut when full).  I cut down to basically cut through the seam and pull out the inner ribbon (ours was a yellow tie).  Then, I removed the tie altogether and tore the bag down each side seam.  It came apart very easily, but if yours doesn't just by tearing you could always cut on the line.

Now, you should basically have a long, flat rectangle.  Cut the trash bag in half at the line that was the bottom of the bag.  Now you have two matching rectangle pieces.

Thread a piece of elastic through the loop where the trash bag ribbon was...

Decorate as you wish, we were SuperBLAKE until I was told that was uncool and he was "just Batman"

Going on a week now...and he STILL loves it!  
**and yes, I did trim it so that he wasn't tripping and it was less dangerous**