Bath time water balloons??? Why not?

Bag of balloons left on the counter after yesterdays number recognition game + bath time = FUN filled morning in the tub with water balloons!

Why not?  Water, check!  Wet kids, check!

They LOVED it!

Some sink, some half sink, all are fun to play with in the water and I even blew a few up to float around...great way to talk about float vs. sink

Happy Tuesday!

Pop the numbers!

Today, I was looking around for something to do with the kids and we are working on learning what numbers look like right now with big bee...I ran across a baggie of old thing lead to another and here ya have it!

Get a sharpie and some balloons (small works great)

Write the numbers 1-10 on them (or for older kids seperate even and odds)


I got a piece of scrap paper and wrote all the numbers on it and then picked 
one out at a time and "called it", big bee would find that balloon

My initial thought was to have him POP it...but that is harder than I thought!  

**Now, I knew Blake could handle big scissors and I was watching him the whole time** so use scissors if you wish (or trust your kids) or they could just capture that # and put it in a laundry basket, etc.

He LOVED making them pop!

While we were rolling around the floor hunting for the right number, static was created and turned into this FUN game!

even little bee liked playing!

and..of course when the balloons were attacking little bee, big bee found it hilarious!

concentrating really hard to make a static one!

it worked!

A few FUN bug facts to share with your kiddos today!

B and I were reading a book on insects this morning and I could NOT believe the facts I learned!  Here are  few we thought were super cool!

  • If you hear a cricket and count how many chirps is makes in 15 seconds then add 37 you can calculate the temperature outside!
  • It is VERY hard to kill a cockroach.  They can go long periods without food and water, if they loose a leg, the will regrow another one, and they can live 9 days without a HEAD!
  • Mosquitos have 47 teeth
  • If you look VERY close, a housefly actually jumps backwards a bit before it takes off, and a housefly's feet are 10 million times MORE sensitive than our tongues!

BUG Kit! Spring is almost here!

Holy bananas!  Hubby said tonight that Daylight savings time is already this next week?!?!  That can't really be true?

I know today in CO was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!  We worked on all things bugs and talked about spring and all the crawly friends that come out!  We made our crafts for the Bug Kit and took the first of hopefully many, many family walks this summer!

Here is the Bug Craft Kit!

This Kit includes ALL materials and instructions to make:
Egg Carton Ant
Coffee filter Tye Dye butterfly
2 "grow" a bug capsules that make great stamps!
A rock ladybug to paint
3D - Butterfly art!
A lacing (fine motor) spider web 
MOVING ladybug craft!
BUG Picnic for a silly way to pattern!

Order a BUG kit today and spend some time creating fun creatures with your lil' bug!

Stay tuned for Easter Kit coming soon!  

Happy Spring!

Zoo Theme FREEBIE!

Ok, here it is!  Print this out and take it with you on your next trip to the Zoo!  Bring a pen or your childs favorite colored crayon or marker and let them cross off an animal as they see it!

Here's a Preview:

And Click on this Link to View and Print through Google Docs!