Sorry I have been MIA the past few weeks...ambulance ride, 3 ER trips, 4 day hospital stay all for little Bee, trip to NM with the in-laws, little Bee's first birthday, big Bee's 4th birthday and a broken colar bone are the culprits!

here is a sneak peak of what I've been up too...

family pictures with hubby's family

road trip to NM (road trip went fine once we got ON the road)

caught a lizzard for big Bee and his cousins

Took little Bee to the
Butterfly Pavilion for her 1st bday

celebrated this sweet pea all week long

Happy first birthday baby girl

Big Bee started TBALL

smash cake and owl cupcakes (thank you pinterest) for little Bee's party

photo garland everywhere (again, thank you Pinterest)

owl cakepops and homemade owl goody bags

owls owls everywhere

more decorations

One happy Birthday girl!  (see that shirt...I made it and I am darn proud of it!  First real "sewing" project)

Big Bee broke his colar bone by falling out of bed

flew a few kites


had a VERY happy Easter

LOTS of pictures!

dyed some easter eggs

ambulance, 3 er trips, 4 day hospital stay and FINALLY little bee got over her RSV and ear infection only to find out she is allergic to amoxicillan.

took little Bee out for her Birthday dinner and she even was sung to by a mariachi band!

So, that is what we have been up too...sorry I have been missing!  Two more birthday parties for Big Bee (a friend and a family) and then life will get back to normal!  

So, how are you?